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About Us

Thanks for taking a second to learn more about us here at No Xcuses K9. Make sure to like  and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your dog or want to discuss further about how we can help you reach you goals. 

No Xcuses K9 was founded by our director of training Taylor Walton in 2013 under the name Controlled K9. Taylor's number one goal when starting this company was to help build better relationships between families and their dogs so they could enjoy life together in harmony. Since starting No Xcuses K9 that goal has never been lost or forgotten. We now have an amazing team of experienced caring trainers that work together accomplishing this goal! 

 No Xcuses K9 was originally started in Maine but soon expanded in 2015 to South Carolina.  A few years back we went through some rebranding and changed the name to what we believe was a more fitting name "No Xcuses K9"

No Xcuses K9 has an experienced and certified team of trainers that have extensive experience in not only advanced on & off leash obedience but specialize in behavioral cases and behavior modification! Our team of trainers have worked with everything from puppy development to the most severe behavioral cases. 

No Xcuses K9's team of trainers have gone through rigorous hours of hands-on training prior to becoming a trainer with No Xcuses K9. The trainers for No Xcuses K9 continue their education throughout their career by attending different seminars & schoolings yearly. The trainers also participate in different venues of training and competition with their personal dogs. 

At No Xcuses K9 we are a family.

We care about you and your pup!

We are a locally owned and operated company and take pride in the fact that we are not some franchise or big cooperate company where you will get lost in the numbers.  
We live off the theory that a trained dog is a happy dog!

That is because once you have clear communication with your dog, you and your dog can live a happier less stressful life being able to understand each other and enjoy life together!  
Our focus here at No Xcuses K9 is to help build that bond and clear communication between you and your dog!


We want to provide you with the best training experience possible by specializing our programs to your individual dog.

Here at No Xcuses K9 we train all sizes, shapes, breeds and ages!

When we say all, we mean ALL! 

Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Pit bulls, Great Danes.... 

You name it we train it! 

Ever heard the saying "Can't teach an old dog new tricks"? 

Here at No Xcuses K9 we don't believe in that saying.  We have and continue to prove that saying WRONG! We have helped and continue to help families with dogs ages ranging from 8wks - 10yrs+ OLD! 


All locations, training, lessons, and boarding are open by appointment only

South Carolina

This location offers

Office and Mobile Appointments 

- Office 

860 Orangeburg Rd. 

Summerville, SC  

 - Mobile

The trainer will come to your home

Serving the Lowcountry of SC

Areas we serve include but not limited to - 



Monks Corner

Johns Island

James Island


And More!!


(843) 284-6226

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Hours of Operation

Sun:    Closed
Mon:    By Appointment
Tues:   By Appointment
Wed:   By Appointment
Thurs: By Appointment
Fri:     By Appointment
Sat: ​   By Appointment 


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This location offers

In Home Appointments & Virtual

This Location is closed for the winter, please reach back out to us in February to schedule for 2024

 - Mobile

The trainer will come to your home

Serving the Extended Bangor Area 

Areas we serve include but not limited to - 






And More!


(207) 991-7443

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