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What We Offer

No Xcuses K9 is a locally owned and operated company serving South Carolina & Maine!

We are proud to say we are not a franchise or some big corporate company that does not truly care about you and your dog! 

We live off the theory that a trained dog is a happy dog!

That is because once you have clear communication with your dog, you and your dog can live a happier less stressful life being able to understand each other and enjoy life together!  
Our focus here at No Xcuses K9 is to help build that bond and clear communication between you and your dog!


We want to provide you with the best training experience possible by specializing our programs to your individual dog.

Here at No Xcuses K9 we train all sizes, shapes, breeds and ages!

When we say all, we mean ALL! 

Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Pit bulls, Great Danes.... 

You name it we train it! 

Ever heard the saying "Can't teach an old dog new tricks"? 

Here at No Xcuses K9 we don't believe in that saying.  We have and continue to prove that saying WRONG! We have helped and continue to help families with dogs ages ranging from 8wks - 10yrs+ OLD! 

First Steps to all of our Training:

Our first step to training always begins with an in-person consultation. The in-person consultation is done so we can meet you and your dog, discuss more in depth about your goals for your dog, evaluate your dog's temperament, and give you accurate pricing for training to meet those goals. 

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Online Pre-Evaluation

In-Person Consultation


The first step to training is our online pre-evaluation.

Once that has been completed our next step is an in-person consultation with the trainer! 


Our behavior modification programs are tailored to the individual dog, behavior, and severity of the behavior. 
These programs are specifically for dogs with aggression, fearful behaviors, and more! 


We offer both Puppy Day Training and Puppy Group Class! Click the link below to learn more! 



Board & Train


From manners to advanced on & off leash obedience, our obedience board & train programs cover it alL! 


Private Sessions


Our private sessions are one on one sessions with the trainer, where the trainer will be training you to train your dog. 


Day Training


During our day training your dog will stay with the trainer and be trained as if it was in a board & train program. The difference is you get to bring your dog home at the end of the day! 

We provide only the best training with Certified Professional Trainers and over 45 years of combined experience. Our trainers are always expanding their knowledge by attending training and seminars on a regular basis. Our theory is...


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In-Person Consultation

Our number one concern at No Xcuses K9 is what's best for your dog. Our first step to training is for you to fill out our Pre-Evluation form about your dog, once that has been filled out, we will schedule an in-person consultation for each dog to determine its needs. It's important to understand like humans, dogs have varied personalities and learning speeds.

This process is so that we can learn what goals you have for your dog, evaluate your dog's individual personality/temperament, answer questions you may have pertaining to training, and come up with a suitable training plan that works for your dog & home. 

One size doesn't fit all! We don't believe in "cookie cutter programs" 

This is why we require a consultation so we can tailor our programs to your dog!

Pricing - 

In-Person Consultation -

Office Consultations - At this time we offer consultations at our office in South Carolina these are $40

In Home Consultations - If you would like the trainer to come to your home we offer in home consultations in South Carolina which are $65 

Reschedules - If you are scheduled for a consultation and either didn't show up or gave us less then 24hrs notice of cancelation or reschedule, There will be no refund of the consultation charge and to reschedule this consultation there will be a $65 reschedule fee.

Where are our in-person consultations are conducted?

Maine - At your home or via phone/video

South Carolina - At your home or our office! 

Our office is located at 860 Orangeburg Rd, Summerville SC 

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Obedience Board & Train

During our board & train programs, your dog stays with one of our certified trainers at their home. During the program the trainer will work with your dog to accomplish your goals, your dog will receive training out and about at stores, parks, public places and more!  At the end of your dog's program, you will receive a handlers course so your trainer can teach you how to properly communicate with your dog, as well as the different commands your dog has learned during training.

  • We offer programs that range from basic on leash obedience, advanced off leash, appropriate manners, and more!

  • We have many different board & train program options. For us to determine which program your dog fits into we do an in-person consultation.  

Pricing - We have everything from addressing manners and basic obedience to advanced off leash obedience! Our programs range from $2300 - $6000 based on your goals! We require an in-person consultation so we can assess your dog, understand your goals, and be able to determine which program would be the best fit!   

Length of Program - These programs range from 5 Days - 30 Days. The program your dog is a candidate for is determined during the consultation. 

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Behavior Modification Board & Train 

For Dogs with Behavioral Issues Such As -
Human/Animal Aggression, Aggression/Possession of Food/Toys/Etc. , Fear Based Behaviors, and More 

During the program the trainer will work with your dog to accomplish your goals. We work with all sorts of behavioral cases from fearful dogs to aggression!  This is for dogs with a level of behavioral issues that would not be a good candidate for our Obedience Board & Train Programs. During all of our programs your dog will learn some level of obedience training as well. At the end of your dog's program, you will receive a handlers course so your trainer can teach you how to properly communicate with your dog, as well as the different commands your dog has learned during training.

During our behavior modification programs, we work specifically on whatever your dog's behavioral needs are, from building its confidence to helping it become a better member of society. No matter how or what your dog may need we will help you reach your goals!

Pricing - These programs are very specific to the individual dog, the behavioral issue and the severity of it. The price of this program can range from $2200 - $6500 This program does require an in-person consultation for an exact price. 

Length of Program - This program can range from 2wks - 6wks long. This is determined during the in-person consultation. 

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Private Sessions 

Our private sessions cover everything from basic obedience through behavior modification!  During our private sessions you will work one on one with the trainer to accomplish your goals. 


South Carolina - $185 per session

Maine - $185 per sesson 

Behavior Modification Lesson - $250 per session 

Length Sessions - Unlike most companies we don't have a set amount of time that our sessions run. The reason for this is because if we are working to accomplish something during a session and it may run over an hour, we aren't going to charge you for the extra time during that session or cut off your session because we hit the hour mark even though it was crucial to your dog's training to work through something during that session.  This is why we charge by the session instead of by the hour. Typically, our sessions run around an hour. 

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Puppy Development
Day Training

Busy schedule? We are now offering day training! Our day training is designed like our board & train programs, however, you get to have your pup home at the end of the day! Another benefit to our day training is you can pick and choose what days and how many days a week to send your dog to training. ​So instead of sending your dog to daycare to develop bad habits, send them to day training where they can learn good habits and become a better member of your family! 

  • Puppy Day Training

  • Socialization

  • Puppy Obedience

  • Manners

  • House training

  • Crate training

  • and more!

Puppy Group Development Class
*Temporarily on Hold* 

Puppy Development Class​ run 45 minutes to 1 hour long. this class is for puppies 8 - 16 weeks of age. They run for 3 weeks and are intermitted around the year. They will be announced on Facebook. The focus of these group classes will be on.

  • Handling

  • Building your puppies confidence

  • Proper introduction to new environments

  • House training

  • Teaching proper manners

  • Imprinting of basic obedience

  • Problem Solving

  • & More!

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Doggy Day School

Day training is similar to daycare except your dog is getting trained and learning new skills to be a better member of your family! 
During day training your dog will be with the trainer all day, the trainer will work with your dog one on one to train it the new skills you desire!
Some things we can cover in day training - 

* Obedience 

* Manners

* Confidence Building

* Puppy training 

* Crate Training 

* Chewing

* And More!!  

Pricing -

Day Training is $600 per week or $185 a day

Amount of Days & Length - The amount of days during the week and length of time your dog stays with the trainer during the day is determined as to what would be most beneficial to your dog by the trainer. 

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